Montréal Party, Part Deux

Our second Montréal party will be next weekend. It sold out rather quickly.

We want to do this again; ought to come up with a name. ( :

PsychNerD of SceneSat will be broadcasting from the party.

Our first was same time last year at Foulab, a Montréal hackerspace. Michel Gallant was an invaluable support, and we hope to see him next weekend, among other awesome individuals we know in Montréal (e.g. a certain fellow we know with a folding chopperbike (: ).

Metoikos and Dr Claw thank Peter Taylor, René Walling, Barzoule, Alex Ruaux, and Alistair Croll for their assistance in helping this happen, and Ziphoid for getting SceneSat coverage.

If you want more information about this party, email us at questions atsymbol atparty dash demoscene dot net

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