Seeking presenters, performers, volunteers, and sponsors, and Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms showing

We’ll be holding two promotional events at Artisan’s Asylum in
Somerville in the lead-up to the party. On April 27th, we’ll be doing a presentation on the demoscene and a short demoshow. On May 23rd, we’ll be showing a recently released Hungarian documentary about the demoscene, Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms; to get a ticket, visit

We’re also on the lookout for potential volunteers and sponsors. To
find out more visit:

Sponsor Us


Present or Perform

Please let us know if there is an organization or individual you think we should contact about sponsorship or presenting at the event.

We’d also like to set aside a chunk of time on Saturday when representatives of local community groups whose activities might be of interest to folks at the party—from hackerspaces to galleries to meetups and educational cooperatives—to present five minute talks which will give attendees a sense of their mission. Our aim is not only to encourage people to create, or give them a setting where they can get feedback on their work from other people who are also doing so, but to connect art and technology groups in this area to one another and foster collaborations between them.

Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms – trailer
Click “CC” in the bottom right hand corner of the video window to view subtitles in English.