@party 2015: Now We Are Six

Hi folks. So @party 2015 will be at MIT again, in June. We’re still ironing out the dates, but we’ll likely keep our weekend.

We’re working on getting the videos of 2014 online, and looking forward to welcoming you all to Cambridge again with your prods.

I’m happy to have started a new chapter myself, as I am now a demomaker as well as a party organizer, having released my first demo, made with BoyC’s tool Apex, at Function 2014 in Hungary.

We still have all our venerable (oldschool) hardware, including Babe the Blue Ox (the oscilloscope being resuscitated in the photoset from 2014 with the aid of Micksam and his butane soldering iron), and hope that may help to inspire you . . .

We are pleased to be joined by a new North American party, the LayerOne demoparty, associated with the LayerOne security conference in California in May 2015.

Shoutouts to Demosplash, who had their fourth event, chock-a-block with delicious and lovingly maintained venerable hardware, this past weekend in Pittsburgh, and and NVScene, returning for the second year in a row (third year total) at NVidia’s Graphics Technology Conference next March in San Jose.

Here’s hoping our sister party Récursion (which I organized for the last time this past November) continues under new leadership this year in Montréal.

This is a good time to be in the demoscene.

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