@party 2017 Live Performances

It’s our pleasure to announce the live performances for @party 2017:

Friday Night Concert:


Charles Berman aka Bermondo is a guitarist, composer and multi-media artist.  Charles’ primary medium is live multimedia performance, making use of electric guitar, computer, infrared motion sensor and projector.  Bermondo will perform at 9:00 PM on Friday June 9th.

Saturday Night Pre-compo Chipmusic Concert:

Enerjawn / Storm Blooper

First up will be NMLSTYL with visuals by Enerjawn (aka Storm Blooper).  Then they will swap, with music by Storm Blooper and visuals by NMLSTYL.  This tag-team chipmusic concert will be on the evening of Saturday June 10th at 8:30PM and will be followed immediately by the main compo block, neither of which should be missed!