2017 Seminars

The @party 2017 seminars have now been scheduled:

Khronos Technology OverviewJim Susinno, Khronos Boston Chapter Leader
Khronos technologies connect the graphics software we write and enjoy to the silicon that powers it. We present an overview of APIs like OpenGL, WebGL, glTF and the new OpenXR, which open more possibilities to software developers than ever before.

Sound Chip ChilloutInverse Phase
Join Inverse Phase as we take a relaxing deep dive into the capabilities of retro sound hardware. We’ll discuss different types of chips, what makes each chip unique, how to tell them apart, and listen to examples of each. Questions encouraged!

Book Productions: The Latest in Computer-Generated Literary ArtNick Montfort
Computer-generated poetry and fiction has been developed since the 1950s in a few academic projects and in some experiments by artists and writers. Today it is becoming a more popular, widespread practice, and more people are creating book-length work thanks to activities like National Novel Generation Month. I’ll explain how a few important projects work, outline a few connection with and points of departure from the demoscene, and will read a some selections from what might be called ‘the demoshelf.’