@party Seminars (Friday night / Saturday morning)

Mozzi: Self-contained Audio Synthesis on small W$mL platforms – Jim Susinno
(Friday June 8th, 8pm)
Arduino is a popular electronics platform for low-cost, low-power, small-size projects. Its standard library, while powerful, has very limited tone generating capability. The Mozzi library by Tim Barrass expands that capability dramatically, adding Oscillators, Filters, fixed point math and more.
The Arduino Nano provides a new synthesis platform with the smallest yet Watt-dollar-milliliter envelope. Discover how to create a new kind of self-contained, performance-ready musical instrument.

Amiga based Computer Music Software of 199x – Caleb Garner, Part12 Studios
(Friday June 8th, 9pm)
The Amiga was a quantum leap in graphic and audio possibilities in the late 80’s and early 90’s for the demo scene and musicians alike. Join Caleb as he reviews a range of long lost software offering unique sonic possibilities from a trusty Amiga 1200.   He will explore a number of long forgotten apps allowing the Amiga to become a unique and valuable part of an modern-ish music studio 27 years after it was released.

Getting started with demo effects in GLSL – Mike “Dr.Claw” Piantedosi
(Saturday June 9th, 11am)
No demo? No problem! Join Dr.Claw as he presents a crash course in democoding focusing on the Khronos Group’s OpenGL Shading Language. We’ll cover classic 2D demo effects like plasmas and twisters and then move onto the basics of raymarching and how lessons learned from classic 2D effects can be applied in a three dimensional context. Attendees can follow along with the examples in a WebGL-capable web browser, and are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned to make a quick party production for the compos later in the evening.