Graphics Compos

In additon to the general rules, all entries for the following competitions must also conform to these additional requirements:

Freestyle Graphics

  • Projector res 1080p
  • No scans or photos
  • Submit 3 in-progress images
  • Max and recommended resolution for any raster graphics is 1920×1080. Please provide a resized version for the compo if your original is not that resolution.
  • Must be in .png, .tif, or .jpg format (.png preferred)

Oldskool Graphics

  • No scans or photos
  • Can be either raster (pixel) graphics or ASCII/ANSI/XBIN
  • Max res for ASCII/ANSI/XBIN is 80 columns x 1000 lines
  • Submit 2 sets of 3 in-progress images:
    • Set 1 – the original format
    • Set 2 – 1920×1080 .png, .tif, or .jpg (.png preferred)
  • Submit 2 final images:
    • Final image 1 – the original final image for the actual target
      platform and resolution
    • Final image 2 – a 1920×1080 version in .png, .tif, or .jpg (.png

Executable graphics

  • The entry has to be delivered as an executable in a format suitable for the target platform.
  • Max size 4096 bytes.
  • No sounds are allowed.
  • No animations are allowed.
  • Maximum allowed pre-calculation time is 30 seconds.