Effective Bits

The first evening featured two speakers; first Seth Riskin and his kinetic light-art, then Arlene Ducao and her Mindrider (which you can now get your very self via Kickstarter!)

Luis also set up the Nvidia Shield he was given at NVScene to play pre-rendered waveforms from Youscope on our big blue monster. See some video, filmed by Micksam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VOHaFGUTeM!

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“We have a trace!”

IMG_20140613_172741 IMG_20140613_172850 IMG_20140613_172915

@party 2014 began with four guys clustered around an oscilloscope dating from 1958 with a butane soldering iron.


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15 tickets left

Before sales of regular tickets ended, we sold out — AGAIN. Prereg MIT tickets were one short of sold out before they closed.

You can still buy an at-door ticket, and we lowered the price a bit given that regular tickets sold out prior to sales closing. There are only 15 at-door tickets available, so act fast!

If we sell all tickets, the hall is up against its occupancy limit including attendees, speakers and their guests, and @party staff. We’re going to rock this house!

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MindRider in the news!

The MindRider, subject of a talk at @party by co-inventor Arlene Ducao, is covered in the New York Times! cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/06/10/new-york-today-head-trip/

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Schedule live!


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Get your tickets soon!

Holy crap, we sold out of regular and MIT presale tickets. We just added four more to each category!

At this point, counting our speakers, staff/volunteers, and attendees, we could conceivably have to ask some folks to watch the compos in the overflow/snacking room because of the limits on occupancy in the main room.

If you’re planning to come, you probably should get your ticket now.

Right now, there are 15 at-door tickets available, and we will have to do some counting before we can up that, just so you know.

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