Public transportation

The Boston-area transit system is called the MBTA, or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Their website is
This system uses paper and plastic cards which you can refill at automated kiosks in the stations by either charge card or cash. The tickets are called T-passes. If you get a T pass, the best deal for a brief visit, if you expect to go around in the city, is a 7-Day Visitor Pass.  The party location is a short bus ride from multiple Red Line subway stations.  These are the applicable bus lines:

  • 83 bus from Central or Porter
  • 87 bus from Davis
  • 86 bus from Harvard


As one of the Asylum’s neighboring businesses is a brewery with bar, most taxi and ride sharing drivers know how to get to our building.


Boston has recently been repositioning itself as a forward-looking, bicycle-friendly city. There are city bikes for hire ( available near the partyplace. Bring a helmet if you wear one. Unlike the T, which shuts down a half hour after midnight and does not reopen until 5am, you can check these out and return them at any hour of the day or night.

You may find this guidebook useful:
Car Free in Boston