In addition to our usual First Place Demo trophy, a customized Klein bottle opener donated by Bathsheba Sculpture,
Klein bottle, Bathsheba Sculpture

we will also have lovely laser-etched trophies created by AMCBAIN this year!

@party 2014 laaer-cut trophy

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Attendance ticket price update

Although we are offering at-the-door registration this year, you can save 40$ by registering beforehand!

We just dropped our pre-registered attendance tickets from $30 to $20, including Eventbrite fees.

Tickets will cost $60 including Eventbrite fees at the door.

Register at

This year’s highlights include a new competition on the Voxiebox, as detailed below, as well as new trophies.  Bathsheba Sculpture is once more providing the first prize trophy for the demo compo.

In response to 2013 attendee feedback, the competitions will start later on Saturday night.

We have also

  • reserved a second room more conducive to mingling for socializing, eating, and some of the seminars
  • provided parking and restaurant guides and an updated lodging guide
  • will offer comped memberships for one guest per speaker
  • hope to provide some complimentary refreshments to attendees
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NEW Compo! Rules updates

Look ma, no glasses!
At @party 2014, you can do it in real 3D.

We’re very excited to have a Voxiebox at @party 2014!
The Voxiebox is a volumetric display designed for multiplayer gaming that can be viewed without 3D glasses from any angle.

Voxon will be providing entrants in our *new* Voxiebox compo access to their development SDK. For more information, view the compo rules.

Sean Kean or one of his colleagues from Voxon will also be joining us to speak at the party about this platform.

Other competition rules updates:
For demo and game development entries, you’re welcome to use a free engine such as Unity so long as the license is compatible with the general compo rules, you clearly state you’ve used it in your README, and you include any libraries necessary to run your entry from within your submission’s directory.

We’ve added Chrome as an option for Browser Demo.

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@party 2014 dates have changed

Instead of being June 20-22, @party 2014 will take place June 13-15, 2014. Mark your calendars!

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To register or let us know you’re coming —, Facebook, Eventbrite

Coming to @party 2014?

Let us know!

Or register :

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