@party 2017 Live Performances

It’s our pleasure to announce the live performances for @party 2017:

Friday Night Concert:


Charles Berman aka Bermondo is a guitarist, composer and multi-media artist.  Charles’ primary medium is live multimedia performance, making use of electric guitar, computer, infrared motion sensor and projector.  Bermondo will perform at 9:00 PM on Friday June 9th.

Saturday Night Pre-compo Chipmusic Concert:

Enerjawn / Storm Blooper

First up will be NMLSTYL with visuals by Enerjawn (aka Storm Blooper).  Then they will swap, with music by Storm Blooper and visuals by NMLSTYL.  This tag-team chipmusic concert will be on the evening of Saturday June 10th at 8:30PM and will be followed immediately by the main compo block, neither of which should be missed!

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@party 2017


It is our pleasure to invite you to @party 2017!

Click this link to Register for the Party!

This is the 8th annual @party and we’re returning to Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA USA. There will be three full days of scheduled programming from Friday June 9th through Sunday June 11th with 24 hour site access.

The room will have a permanently installed sound system and bigscreen comparable in size to the party system of the past four years and you’re welcome to consume meals and refreshments at your computer place. You can’t sleep here though, so please make arrangements for a hotel or roomshare if you don’t intend to stay awake for three days straight.

We’ve also already begun scheduling live acts for Friday and Saturday and seminar presentations for all three days. Stay tuned for further details or contact us if you’re interested in presenting or performing as there are still some time slots available.

Thank you, and we hope to see you at @party 2017!

– Dr.Claw and the rest of the @party Orga Team

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