Video Bonzana Part Deux

Thanks to Trixter now most of our 2013 talks are online! (We await approval for their videos from three of our speakers).

Go forth and enjoy!

@party 2013 Youtube Playlist

Registration for @party 2014 opens at Eventbrite on January 5th, 2014.

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Did you know . . .

*Current* cheap non-terrible-schedule roundtrip airfares from various European cities for the @party weekend based on a quick search on ITA Matrix, in euro (converted differing currencies with

Hamburg – 468
Madrid – 469
Brussels – 483
Amsterdam – 488
Frankfurt – 489
Budapest – 511
Warsaw -522
Helsinki – 591
London – 643
Stockholm – 653
Oslo – 660
St. Petersburg – 673
Paris – 682
Copenhagen – 700

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Video Bonanza

So thanks to Luis and Trixter, all of our 2012 video is online, and a big chunk of our 2010 video. Still working on 2011 and 2013 (we have trouble with odd numbers).

This includes seminars, compo entries (party versions as well as captures), and performances, as well as the entire contents of Trixter’s Memories of NAID DVD. We’ve got playlists of all categories nicely put together. Also, we added a link to the slide deck for Bathsheba’s popular talk on symmetry groups.

Enjoy at

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Pictures from @party 2013 live at Slengpung

Pictures from this past @party!

Sent last night, so kudos Gargaj, SagaMusix!

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@party 2014

We intend to break the North American record for party survival and come back next year. We’ve already commissioned the invite and are prepping for organization. Let’s make this epic.

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