Graphics Compos

Main Graphics Compo

This year we are combining all regular graphics compos into a single competition category.  If sufficient entries are submitted to subdivide the compo, we will do so.

In additon to the general rules, all entries for the following competitions must also abide by one of the following rule sets:

Rule Set 1:  Freestyle Graphics
  • Stream res 1080p
  • No scans or photos
  • Submit 3 in-progress images
  • Max and recommended resolution for any raster graphics is 1920×1080. Please provide a resized version for the compo if your original is not that resolution.
  • Must be in .png, .tif, or .jpg format (.png preferred)
Rule Set 2:  Oldskool Graphics
  • No scans or photos
  • Can be either raster (pixel) graphics or ASCII/ANSI/XBIN
  • Max res for ASCII/ANSI/XBIN is 80 columns x 1000 lines
  • Submit 2 sets of 3 in-progress images:
    • Set 1 – the original format
    • Set 2 – 1920×1080 .png, .tif, or .jpg (.png preferred)
  • Submit 2 final images:
    • Final image 1 – the original final image for the actual target
      platform and resolution
    • Final image 2 – a 1920×1080 version in .png, .tif, or .jpg (.png
Rule Set 3:  Executable graphics
  • The entry has to be delivered as an executable in a format suitable for the target platform.
  • Max size 4096 bytes.
  • No sounds are allowed.
  • No animations are allowed.
  • Maximum allowed pre-calculation time is 30 seconds.

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