Wild & Hackathon Compos

In additon to the general rules, all entries for the following competitions must also conform to these additional requirements:

Hackathon Fast Compo

For those who want to enter a compo where all entries are created within a span of 22 hours, this compo is for you!

  • Your entry should be completely created during the party.
  • A theme will be announced at 7pm on June 7th and all entries must incorporate this theme.

Real Wild (Maker, Electronics, Animation, Film, Performance Art, Etc.)

Please do not use fire, spill fluids, or generate unguarded arcs of electricity or potentially hazardous wavelengths of light.

If your electrical entry needs to plug into the wall, make sure it runs on a 120V feed, we can guarantee no more. Test it beforehand.

Other than that, please use your common sense and contact us with any questions. All entries must be demonstrated to the competition organizer before the deadline.

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