Music Compo

This year we are combining all music compos into a single competition category.  If sufficient entries are submitted to subdivide the compo, we will do so.

In addition to the general rules, all entries for the following competitions must also conform to these additional requirements:

The party version is limited to 3:30.  We will fade it out at this point if it does not end.  You’re welcome to include a longer version with your submission that attendees will have access to before the voting deadline.  If you wish to exercise this option, assuming the party version is named mytrack.mod, the extended version should be named mytrack_extended.mod.

Finally, any entry to the compo must abide by one of the following rule sets:

Rule Set 1:  Executable music
  • The entry has to be delivered as an executable in a format suitable for the target platform.
  • Max size 32768 bytes or less in size before execution.
  • Maximum allowed pre-calculation time is 30 seconds.
Rule Set 2:  Oldschool Music
  • Must either run on 8-bit hardware, be written as an oldschool, SoundTracker-style mod (4 channels, 15 8-bit samples/instruments), or play via Monotone Tracker.
Rule Set 3:  Freestyle Computer Music
  • Intended for modern trackers, sequencers, VSTi and other software synths. Natural voice/acoustic samples are allowed, though entire contiguously recorded voice/acoustic passages are not.
  • Must be in .wav, .flac, .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, .ogg, or .mp3 format.
  • Original tracker files are preferable to streaming formats if the music began life in a tracker.

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