Demo Compos

In addition to the general rules, all entries for the following competitions must also conform to these additional requirements:


Must run as an executable on the compo machine. You’re welcome to use a free engine such as Unity so long as the license is compatible with the general compo rules, you clearly state you’ve used it in your README, and you include any libraries necessary to run your entry from within your submission’s directory.  Javascript / WebGL demos running in a fresh install of Chrome or Firefox with no add-ons are also acceptable.


Same specs as demo but with the follow caveats:  Must run as a single executable on the compo machine.  Any assets, libraries, or interpreters must be packed into this executable.  The size of this executable may not exceed 64 kilobytes.  If we receive multiple intros in multiple size classes (64k, 4k, 1k, 256 bytes, etc.) this category will be subdivided.

Oldschool Demo

Must run on a publicly available hardware/OS platform from 1992 or earlier.  Yes, a Dx2/66 with a GUS Classic is totally OK here.  You should be able to demonstrate the production running on actual hardware, either in person or via a video recording.  If you’ve got issues with this requirement please contact the compo crew before the party and we’ll do our best to find some hardware to run your production.

256 byte Intro

Due to popular demand, we’re breaking out the 256 byte intro ahead of time. Similar to intro, your entry for this compo must run as a single executable and any assets, libraries, or interpreters must be packed into this 256 byte executable. The default compo machines will be either a 486 Dx2/66 running a completely stripped down version of DOS, an NTSC C=64, or DOSBox on the modern compo machine. We are open to other platforms, emulators, or faster native DOS machines at the compo team’s discretion. The hardware / software platform will be listed on the slide.

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